The Truth & Tips About Ordering Clothes In A Box

No way can I count how many times I’ve been asked if I know about the companies that will ship you a variety of clothes in a box for you to try on.

Yeah, I know all about them and have seen quite a few sad expressions on my first time client’s faces when I ask about some of the unworn and/or unloved pieces in her closet?

So why the long faces?

Often it’s because she imagined that by telling the online personal stylist whatever info they requested, she‘d’d actually receive pieces that would cause her to sing out loud and dance her way out the door without uttering the dreaded words “I have nothing to wear.”

Reality check time.

Clothes in a box service’s business model is to make money by selling you more and hoping you don't return. Bet you have a few should have been returned clothes in your closet too.

More clothes in your closet doesn’t really mean you have something to wear and I bet you already know that.

Here’s how you can make the clothes in a box services work for you:

Learn which colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics are the most flattering for you and don’t veer off of these very important specifics.

Experiment to find the labels whose designers create for your unique shape, as some design for only straight or curvy bodies.

Request items that will give you the ability to make many more outfits vs just the one outfit they send you. The best wardrobe is one that you can do lots of mixing and matching with versus clothes that don’t go with anything you already own.

Remember, it’s NOT you.

It might be fun to try a service that sends you clothes in a box all wrapped up with a pretty ribbon, but based on the regrets I’ve seen on women’s faces and hanging in their closets, it doesn’t always work out.

Please don’t think something is wrong with you or your body if the clothes you ordered don’t look that great on you becasue it’s not you. They simply were the wrong clothes for you.

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