Environments Studio I: Personas for Project 2

I came up with four personas to reference when trying to address the interests of people that might take my tour. I tried to get a breadth of characters that might be on the tour. I have images that I pulled off the internet for these personas, but they were displaying so ridiculously huge in Medium that I took them out of this article.

Chad Sawyer

Chad is a high school junior from New Hampshire. Chad wants to study business and minor in computer science. Chad also wants to rush a frat and is interested in the party scene at CMU. Chad plays JV football in high school but doesn’t plan to continue playing sports in college. He wants to find a good job and cares about what kind of career placement CMU grads get.

Maryanne O’Hara

Maryanne is a deeply Catholic girl from north of Boston. She goes to a small all-girls’ Catholic school and is currently a senior. She already got into CMU as an undeclared student in Dietrich and is visiting again to see if she wants to go to CMU. She threw an application into CMU just to see if she’d get in but didn’t know much about the school when she applied. Maryanne is concerned about what kind of resources there are for her to deepen her relationship with God while at CMU and also about how she can meet other people with the same faith. Maryanne doesn’t want to go to a school that is too political. She wants to get to know more about what living at CMU and in Pittsburgh is like, what being far away from home will be like, and what kind of support system there will be to help her decide her major.

Tim Hwang

Tim is a dad from Diamond Bar, California. He’s currently in a fight with his daughter who wants to study music, but he wants her to study computer science. As a compromise, they are looking at schools that will let her study both, so they are interested in the BXA program. Tim’s daughter, Tiffany, is currently a sophomore at Diamond Bar High. Tim is interested in knowing a couple things: what kind of financial aid can he get, he is concerned about whether doing the BXA program will allow Tiffany to get a computer science job, and he wants to know what the social scene is like. Is Tiffany going to be safe? Is there a lot of drinking and partying at the school?

Tiffany Hwang

Tiffany wants to study vocal performance at CMU and is also interested (with some prodding from her dad) in studying a little bit of computer science at the school as well. Ideally, Tiffany wants to know if there’s a way she can study computer science in a way that it directly applies to her music interests, since she’s not that interested in computer science in isolation of music. She wants to know what student life is like. How much opportunity will she have to socialize with people who are studying different majors? How is the food? How much opportunity do students have to pursue their arts outside of classes? What opportunities for performance are there?

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