Know your worth

I have this little thing I do before I talk to a man in whatever setting. I look at his left hand ring finger so that I know how to act towards them. If he has a ring on, that means he is taken so I never flirt. Some of them don’t even have their ring and that is even harder. You have to really watch the man’s countenance to make sure he is not taken. Protecting myself from messy situations really depends on the setting actually. If it is a business meeting, it is strictly a business relationship. I rarely mix them up with say my guy friends that are married but we all go out in a group. For those men, I am in full alert mode because alcohol is involved and if their wifey ends up not coming out with the group, some of the men get grabby. But that usually happens because they are so intoxicated. I have had all sorts of situations been thrown at me especially with married men.

There is an older gentleman I sometimes collaborate with to better serve clients and he is always up in my grill about having relations with me. I have met everyone in his family including his kids and wife. This older gentleman is in his sixties and seniors his wife with thirty years. When I first met her, I realized he has a type because his wife looks just like me except I am a bit fair in complexion. Oh, and so does his girlfriend. Anyways, I know how to handle him when we are at meetings or business events. I am a hundred percent sure his wife knows that he is trying to get with me. Women are no fools when they suspect something. Lol I won’t reveal how we know so that the male readers won’t keep watching their backs lolz. I chose to commence business with the older gentlemen despite the fact he likes me because nobody is going to keep me away from making my bread. Believe that!! Secondly, I know myself and what I am capable of. I will never in a million years overstep my boundaries and morals. I have standards and so should other women. I see myself as a goddess and will never flaunt my powers for a man that has already been triple dipped by another woman. Not my style!! I am not judging. Just being honest.

What is my point? Have morals ladies and gentlemen. This society we live in has its own agenda and you need to make sure you have your morals and priority straight or else you will be an easy target for society. Everything easy is usually cheap.

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