Welcome all!!

Let me start off by saying I am not an expert. Just a being with personal and outside experiences of love, relationship, spirituality, and marriage. Starting this blog was mainly an idea established this week (May 22nd, 2017) to be exact but to actually make this topic a face to face conversation was thought of last year. So last year I asked myself, after hearing two couples, which I do not know personally, are getting a divorce after 20yrs of marriage. Then came pouring in the number of people I know personally that have gotten a divorce, having issues in their marriage, do not trust their bf/gf, been cheated on repeatedly, married for the money, etc… It worried me! I was brought up extremely naive and sheltered from the outside world. Since I was 7, the only thing I knew was how to treat others right and obey the Ten Commandments. My faith/spirituality and social skills has definitely improved. So I asked myself why do people get divorced/separated? Why cheat? Why marry when your intentions are not pure? Why even get in a relationship? Why hurt others? Like I said, I am not an expert in marriage/relationships but it is human nature to care about these things; to worry unintentionally.

I will share experiences from myself and others relating to relationships and marriage. I also invite the readers to be open and share your experiences, views, possible solutions, and advice. Please feel free to be free and honest about your story and advice.