Inspiration from My Young Self

I was recently reminded of the entrepreneur that I set out to be when I was starting my career journey 23 years ago. I came across an old venture and was impressed by the work I had done, and amazed that I had forgotten that I had even done it.

It made me think how one starts out with the chutzpah and gumption to accomplish grand ideas. When you are young, you are fearless. Ready to explore and try. Not afraid because you know you are resilient and can bounce back. You have dreams. You have time.

But then life sets in and you get a taste for the rewards of being a grownup — ownership of things like a car, a house and yard, a life with maybe pets, kids, love, and you forget the dream and become complacent — enjoying the comforts of responsible adulthood. The job, business or career that afforded you these luxuries perhaps was not the dream, but will suffice.

For me this was true, until Bitcoin came along and stirred things up again — motivating me to take the business risks that thrill me. The challenges I find rewarding. The entrepreneur I am.

Somehow I had side-tracked from that dream. But this reminder made me realize that with the experience I have now, I can do even better then I did when I first started trying. Ironic how my young self continues to inspire me today.