Reading 07: Cloud Computing, Advertising, and Internet of Things

  • What is the motivation for developing and building many Internet connected devices? What are the arguments for and against the Internet of Things (IoT)? Would they make our lives easier?

The motivation for developing and building Internet connected devices is that they give us information quickly and in a convenient manner. They allow us to see what is happening at home, in a different room, or even help us navigate without getting lost. Its a commodity that we have grown accustomed to and now almost depend on it. Baby monitors used to only be sound recordings and they would be almost be like a walkie talkie, parents would only be able to hear the baby and through that know if it needed changing or anything similar. Now that you could watch your baby on a screen it seems nicer, it seems like it gives a sense of security to how the baby is acting and what is doing. However, these devices are not completely secure so the debate of whether it is good or bad continues if the devices are not properly secured. The arguments for the Internet of Things (IoT) is that they are convenient for our lives, they can facilitate our daily routines. The main argument against IoTs is the lack of security settings they have. For example most of the IoT are relatively simple to hack into and get the information from it. From the first reading in this section, talking about how simple it was for the hackers to get into the cars system and direct it to do whatever they wanted it to do. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee had no control over what was happening and if he did not know that someone was actively attacking the car then he or she would have had a lot of trouble knowing what was happening and they would have not been able to react in such graceful manner.

  • How should programmers address the security and privacy concerns regarding IoT? Who is liable for when breaches or hacks happen?

The programmers should address the security and privacy concerns regarding IoT in a very careful yet effective manner. There should be a standard of safety requirements for each product before they are introduced to the public. Each product line should have some series of passwords that are unique for each product, meaning the way to intersect the signals between the device and the internet or other part of device should be protected. And only be able to access the signal between the two or however many parts compose the product if you have the correct password. There must be other ways to secure this in a more efficient way but not being a computer science major I don’t know the specifics. I think that there is a little blame in both the consumers and producers in the liability. The consumers should know the privacy (even if its the very basic parts of it) each of the IoT will have on their life, but companies should make an effort to keep this privacy sacred. The companies cannot say something like “oops, we did not know that was possible.” They need to be previously determined and addressed before the product is released.

  • What do you believe will be the social, economic, and political impact of the Internet of Things? What role should the government play in regulating IoT devices?

The social impact will be the dependance of society on IoT. With every product that is introduced to us that will help us keep up with what is around us and be able to capture the moments is what keeps the need for these creations to happen. The political impact will grow because of how they stand on the creation and the regulation of these objects. Those who support the expansion and more uses of IoT will be on one side of the argument while people in the other side will try to stop these devices from becoming part of every day life. I believe the government needs to put the safety levels, for example it needs to put certain rules to ensure that the basic defense of peoples security will be kept and maybe those that are more secure could get benefits of some sort.

  • Would you fear a pervasively connected world with billions of internet capable devices? Explain why or why not.

I would fear that because I do not understand completely how to protect myself from threats. I would like to make sure of how people are protecting themselves and how I can make sure that my devices, either computer or car or security monitors will not be secretly recording what I say or video tape me. My biggest fear is now with the cars, I want to have a car that will not be able to get hacked that easily and if it does get hacked for it to have some sort of alarm so that I am aware of this attack.

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