How to Commute From Scarsdale to New York City using Metro-North Railroad.

What to Know & How to Go: Scarsdale to NYC by Metro-North

Commuting from Scarsdale via Metro-North:

Scarsdale is conveniently positioned for an easy commute into Manhattan. For most residents with offices in New York City, commuting by train is typically the fastest and most cost-effective method of transportation into Manhattan. Additionally, Metro-North Railroad circumvents the rush-hour highway traffic and zips you right into Midtown Manhattan in as quickly as 30 minutes!

For first-time commuters and new residents, here are the essentials you need to know when planning your commute from Scarsdale to Manhattan.

Metro-North Railroad- Stops/Stations:

  • Scarsdale Train Station to Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan

Train to Take:

  • Metro-North Harlem Line

Commute Time:

  • Express Train: 28–34 Minutes
  • Local Train: 45–55 Minutes
  • By Car: 35–50 Minutes depending on route, traffic conditions and destination within Manhattan. Scarsdale is located approximately 25 miles from New York City.

There are two convenient parking garages for commuters at the Scarsdale Train Station and parking permits are required for both. Permits are distributed and sold annually in June and remain valid for one year.

For 2016–2017, permits are valid from July 1, 2016 — June 30, 2017.

Valet Parking:

Valet Parking is also available at the Scarsdale Train Station on a month-to-month basis through ProPark. This is a great option to consider, especially for residents who have missed out on parking permit deadlines.

ProPark Valet Parking:

Monthly Rate:

  • Regular size cars — $125 (plus tax)
  • Oversize cars: $150 (plus tax)

To Apply for Commuter Parking at the Scarsdale Train Station:

Residents seeking commuter parking in Scarsdale must apply for a parking permit annually. For 2016–2017, applications will be accepted at Village Hall between June 1st, — June 15th, 2016.

Christie Place Garage 

  • To park at Christie Place, permits are distributed and sold through an annual lottery.
  • Applicants selected by lottery receive the parking permit.
  • Lottery applications are accepted between June 1st, — June 15th, 2016.
  • Date of Christie Place Lottery : Friday, June 17, 2016.
  • Eligibility: Open to Scarsdale Residents Only.
  • Rate: $1,500/Year.

The Freightway —

  • Permits are sold on a“First-Come First-Served” basis.
  • Applications for The Freightway are accepted between June 1st, — June 15th, 2016.
  • Eligibility: Residents & Non-Residents; Preference given to Residents.
  • Resident Rate: $1,000/year.

Additional information regarding parking, garage locations and to download the parking application can be accessed via the following links:

  1. Map Out Your Morning Commute from Door-to-Door —
  • Perform a test run and time each piece of your commute.
  • Determine how long it will take to drive (or walk) to the train station, park the car and walk to the train platform.
  • Once onboard, the Express train from Scarsdale to Grand Central Station is quick and easy (28–34 minutes). Best of all, it does not require transferring trains.
  • From Grand Central, assess the distance and time it takes to arrive at your office or final destination. Whether you plan to travel by subway, taxi or walk, it is important to generate a realistic sense of timing in order to plan accordingly and arrive promptly.

2. Always Purchase Tickets Prior to Boarding

  • Fares onboard range from $5.75 — $6.50 more per ride.
  • To Scarsdale, a one-way peak ticket bought onboard is $18 compared to $11.75 when purchased at the station.

3. Leverage All Discounts Available to Daily Commuters and Purchase the Most Cost-Effective Ticket —

  • The Monthly Ticket is the most cost-effective for round-trip commuters traveling daily from Scarsdale and Edgemont; The monthly fare of $259 translates to a 50% discount and offers unlimited rides for the calendar month. Discount calculation is based on 42 peak rides.
  • WebTicket — Purchase discounted tickets online.
  • Mail&Ride— Subscription-like service that automatically sends tickets to your home each month; Additional savings of 2% and avoid ticket lines!
  • Participate in Commuter Pre-Tax Benefits- Inquire with your employer for details for pre-tax commuter benefit programs.

4. Research Parking Options and Obtain Proper Permits In Advance —

  • Like Scarsdale, many towns have parking restrictions and require specific permits — Do not wait until your first morning commute to assess the available parking options at the train station.
  • Please review your local website for town-specific parking guidelines and regulations as requirements vary by town.

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