What To Know & How To Go: Platinum Drive’s Top 10 Tips for First Time Commuters

How to Commute from Westchester County to Manhattan by Train.

What to know before you go — Metro North Railroad

For first-time commuters and new residents, it is not uncommon to feel anxious about developing a new morning routine and commuting to work by train everyday. Most of us at Platinum Drive felt the same way upon moving to the suburbs and facing our new realty: navigating the commuter-lifestyle for the first time.

For the new suburbanites, we have put together a rundown of ten helpful tips for planning an efficient and cost-effective daily commute from Westchester to New York City.

Platinum Drive’s Top 10 Tips For First Time Commuters:

  • Review the town website to familiarize yourself with the train station, accessible public transportation and commuter parking regulations. If you plan to drive yourself to the station, inquire about available parking and parking permit requirements in advance.
  • The Monthly Ticket is the best (and most economical) option for daily round-trip commuters. The monthly ticket ranges from $231-$356 depending on station distance.
  • Purchase tickets prior to boarding. When bought onboard, fares are sold at a premium of $5.75 — $6.50 per ride. For instance, a one-way peak ticket to Scarsdale is $18 compared to $11.75 when purchased at the station.
  • For additional savings, multi-trip tickets can be purchased online through WebTicket.
  • Consider signing up for Mail&Ride, a subscription-like service that automatically sends tickets to your home each month; Offers additional savings of 2% and ability to skip ticket lines!
  • Participate in Commuter Pre-Tax Benefits. For details, inquire with your employer.
  • Peak trains have higher ticket fares and are more crowded than off-peak trains. If your commute falls within normal working hours, you will likely be riding peak trains.
  • Peak: Weekday trains arriving and departing Grand Central Station between 5AM-10:30AM & 4PM- 8PM.
  • A Quieter Commute. All inbound and outbound Metro-North trains have two designated “quiet cars” for those who prefer a quieter ride.

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