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PC: Shannon Casey

I feel the beat of the drum pulsing in my heart as the sound of thousands of other people screaming fills my ears. My main focus is on the stage, where the energetic front man Brendon Urie stands, belting out the final notes of one of the band’s biggest hits. One of his classic songs begins to play and I scream along to the words, not caring about how off key I am. The not caring part is why I love concerts so much. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, it just matters if you know the words or not.

We only really went for the PMK.

Up until I was six years old my family and I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina where the weather was always hot and almost everyone I knew lived. A few months before my seventh birthday my parents decided to move back to Illinois, where most of our family and friends lived.

Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ was incredibly popular the summer of 2009 and was constantly playing whenever I went swimming or out with my parents. I loved Taylor (even though I thought she was Selena Gomez for a while) and for my seventh birthday I got the Fearless Platinum Edition, which my mom and I used to listen to in the car almost every day.

Even though my music tastes have changed since I was seven and she hasn’t exactly been the most innocent person like she says, I still listen to Talyor Swift every so often; a smile gracing my face at the thought of my younger self passionitly singing along to Fearless in my car.

PC: Pollstar

Tyler Joseph is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands Twenty One Piløts. He was passonite about music at a young age, much like I was, and has been performing and making records since he formed the band in 2009. When the other two original members of Twenty One Piløts left to finish college since their first record wasn’t extremely popular, Tyler stayed and countined to perfect their unique sound alongside the new drummer Josh Dun. Tyler writes all of the songs for the band, many of the lyrics stemming from his mental and emotional troubles and how he’s vanished his demons. Tyler is an important symbol that it does get better and life will go on, which is what some of his fans need to hear.

PC: Penguin Randomhouse

Okay, so Dan and Phil are technically two people, but they’ve done so much together and have such a deep and long lasting friendship it’s hard to count them as individuals. Dan Howell and Phil Lester met and became best friends in 2009, after Dan had been watching Phil’s YouTube videos for years Dan decided to make his own YouTube vidoes in October of 2009, and the rest is history. The two became fast friends through the internet and eventually moved to Manchester together in 2011. Since meeting in person and moving in together, the two have made countless videos together, moved to London, written a book, toured the UK, America and Australia, and have become best friends. The reason Dan and Phil inspire me is because how the two are brilliant wether their together or apart and their friendship is something I strive to have with my own friend.

PC: Wall Street Journal

John Green is an author, YouTuber, and just overall and overall nerdy person. John and his brother, Hank, make vidoes on their YouTube channel thevlogbrothers every week that touch on topics as important as the 2016 election, and as random as drawing sharpie on their face and answering viewer questions. He has written four books so far, Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katheriens, and the ever popular The Fault in Our Stars (or TFIOS). I one day hope to be half the author John is; and with the encouraging words from his videos, it just might be possible.


I know I was only supposed to do three inspiring people, but every girl needs a strong female icon. Halsey is an alternative music artist with a bold personality and a brutally honest personality. She has achieved massive success at the young age of twenty one, with a Billboard Hot 100 album and a massive social media following. The reason I picked Halsey to be my “bonus person” isn’t just because I love her music (but I really do love her music), but because she’s a strong feminist and LGBTQ+ icon. Halsey has been open about her sexuality and stance on women’s rights. While she still has her flaws, I think Halsey’s pretty awesome.

“Peace will win, fear will lose” — Twenty One Pilots, Car Radio

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