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I would suggest that dredging up the old “Punch Out” name would be more creatively bankrupt than coming up with something that is very reflective of the game’s premise and the fact that you use those things between your shoulders and hands to play it. Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it bad.

I came away from the livestream impressed with the flexibility of the system to be both a home and portable console. The Joy-Cons seem very well thought out to me in all phases of use, offering a lot of interesting potential. I remember feeling the same about the Wiimotes, but not about the Wii U gamepad.

As for the pricing, I feel like we should put aside comparisons to other products — none of which can do all that the Switch claims to do — and ask if the price is reasonable for what you’re getting. With the considerable flexibility of the built-in screen, Joy-Cons, and dock, I think it is.

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