President Trump on DACA

My topic for this semester will be about Trumps view on DACA. For those who don’t know what Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is, it is an immigration policy which gives illegal immigrants the opportunity to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action against deportation. This special program was announced by President Obama which arrived in 2012. Those under DACA are also eligible to receive a work permit and an education at a two or four year college. At the moment, DACA has been really important in the hispanic community, especially the DREAMERS. Our President Trump is making a decision whether he’ll keep or end DACA. His decision will affect immigrants all over the country negatively or positively. I think it would be a mistake to end it and give people a higher chance of getting deported. I personally believe that DACA should remain, because it has opened the door to many opportunities for those in need. It would be a mistake to end it and send people’s lives into fear of being deported at any moment with no protections.

If illegal immigrants were to be deported, then the economy would weaken up. America relies heavily on undocumented labor. Their hard work sure does contribute to the work force. About 8 million undocumented immigrants are in the workforce. Not only have they contributed to the workforce, but also the Social Security Trust Fund. Many of the immigrant workers take over the unskilled jobs such as farming and construction. Americans won’t stand a chance to do this type of work since it is extremely hard work under unpleasant weather and low paid. The U.S Agriculture is strong because of the immigrants that are hired. With Donald Trump being president, who knows if the workers will last any longer if he decides to change certain policies. If they do end up going back to their country, then the U.S may face challenges such as prices going up for produce. The U.S may lose business with other countries such as exporting products that they may need. The United States of America needs undocumented immigrants to be able to succeed economically. No other people are willing to take over the jobs that they do everyday.

Also, why destroy people’s dreams of getting an education and trying to better themselves. Every minority has the right to be in school and build a stable future for themselves. Many of the undocumented immigrants that are under DACA were brought to the United States before the age of 16. They may only know the United States of America as their only home so they shouldn’t have to go through the tragedy of being deported. They are innocent humans who have not committed a single crime. Instead of portraying them as criminals as President Trump would view them, we should portray them hardworking individuals. DACA students do not receive federal student aid.They have to pay for tuition and other living expenses. Most have jobs to support themselves as well as their family even while studying which may be stressful. They used to deal with anxiety and feelings of rejection by those who are racist. But because of DACA, they’ve been helped with overcoming the barrier of feeling rejected. They have felt more welcomed ever since they received DACA It is a difficult challenge for them to obtain higher education but it is not impossible.

I believe my topic is interesting not only because of Trump since everyone seems to keep up with his actions ever since he became president, but because this is a serious matter. I will be focusing on what the decision is and will be going into more detail what would happen if policies are changed or the DACA is ended. Many questions will come up with whatever Trump’s decision is on DACA. If Trump keeps DACA, will he modify the policy? Or if he cancels it, will people act defensively? Will he make a new policy? This is also a controversial topic since many people want Trump to keep DACA but also want him to end it. I think this will go on even if he cancels it. Who knows if riots may break out because of his decision. People should be able to protest for their rights! They have the right to remain here. Afterall, everyone is an immigrant (except Native Americans). I will ensure to be open minded about both sides on this topic. I’m willing to expand my knowledge on the controversial side but I will stand strong with my point of view.

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