Let’s put this myth about MBAs to bed.
Alex Taussig

Agree 100%. Lots more examples to add to your list from right around your timeline including Jet (HBS ‘08), Betterment (Columbia ‘09), and Oscar (HBS ‘08).

It’s also worth noting that Georges Doriot from HBS created the first true venture capital firm in 1946 and mentored several industry pioneers (Charlie Waite and Bill Elfers from Greylock, Tom Perkins from Kleiner, James Robinson III from RRE, among many others) who went on to help create the entrepreneurial ecosystem we have today.

That’s not to say the current MBA model is perfect — from my experience at CBS, most programs would benefit from more critical self-examination and could do a better job of adapting their curricula to teach “hard skills.” But the model succeeds in producing innovation, and in all likelihood will continue to do so.

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