My experience in Andela bootcamp so far.

“To succeed in everything I do, I must do better than yesterday.”

That was one of the wonderful inspirations I got when reading about the Andela Epic values. It has been my daily guide, and I keep striving to be a better developer every day of the boot camp.

photo credit: BBC

It all started with a dream of becoming a world-class developer and right now am enjoying the process. The boot camp has been extensively stressful but rewarding. I get to spend almost the whole day at the Andela Epic towers working on my daily challenges, collaborating with fellow campers and working on my camp project.

Being my first time in the Andela boot camp, it’s not really being easy getting to know most of the things that are expected of me. I have had to unlearn old ways of doing stuff and embracing newer and much better ideas. I have been able to get lots of very useful feedbacks that will mold me into being the world-class developer that I really want to be. They are a lot of things that I wasn’t used to such as writing comments for my code, using eslint to make sure you write good codes, and even test driven development (TDD) but the boot-camp has exposed me to all these things and their importance in software development.

During the course of the boot-camp, I have also been able to meet some very wonderful friends and colleagues. I wrote about some of them in my last post you can check it out here. These friends have been really helpful. They are always the first point of contact when I run into an issue and also explaining some concepts to them has also made me understand some of those concepts better.

Furthermore, the boot-camp has really made me be time conscious and be able to work with deadlines. There are deadlines for every task that you have to submit and this has really made me learn quite a lot in a very short period.

Finally, it has been an awesome experience in the Andela boot-camp. It has been really stressful but I have got to learn lots of new concepts, meet wonderful people, and push myself beyond limits. Am grateful for this opportunity, and am certain, by the time am done with the boot-camp, I will be able to stand shoulder high when discussing with other developers.