Indian Folk Art 365 Collective — Why we do what we do ?

There is an evolutionary theory that arrives at the following message “Anything that’s used more grows and continues to grow across the generations  . You might be wondering why a branding studio is getting into evolution now. You will know why by the end of this blog post.

In the second post under the series “ Why we do what we do ”, you will get an inside scoop of the works and purpose behind the critically acclaimed Indian Folk Art 365 initiative.

Contemporary Kerala Mural — Indian Folk Art Illustrations by © SCD Balaji™

Purpose :
Indian Folk Art 365 is a noble initiative that is aimed at reviving ancient Indian Folk Art forms that are silently disappearing without notice. It is a Collective to share and spread the grandeur and beauty of Indian folklore through contemporary artforms of our country.

It is the personal responsibility of every artist to learn and preserve the artforms of the country and pass it along to the generations to come. It involves a lot of hard work (that we love) and creative work ( that we live) and we have made it our personal goal to pack a strong punch. So you have seen the why part of the project.

SCD Balaji™ Studio Indian Folk Art Wall

The How Part
For anything to go mainstream, it has to go mainstream. So we never held it back. We made sure Indian contemporary art forms played a part in everything that we did.

i) Branding : We have carved a niche for ourselves in the branding space and you will know why when you visit here. Yes, we introduced the world to Artistic Branding. The beauty in using ancient art forms in modern branding projects is how it makes it unique and fresh.

Kesar Sweet Shop Rajasthan Brand Illustration — Contemporary Phad Illustrations by © SCD Balaji™

ii) Merchandise : To make something available to the masses, the best way to go is merchandising and we did just that. You can check out the merchandise at Society6 and Cupick . This garnered a lot of attention as it was the perfect amalgamation of old and new.

Our Lat Lakar merchandise was well received at Comic Con, Bangalore and it featured a whole array of products including but not limited to mouse pads, key chains, coffee mugs, coasters, badges, t-shirts, posters and wall hangings. You can check the collection here.

Indian Folk Art Inspired Merchandise Design by © SCD Balaji™

iii) Workshops : Our Indian Folk Art 365 workshops are aimed at equipping the knowledge and potential of ancient folk art forms to the modern day brand and design enthusiasts.

The secrets behind the folk art forms would be revealed along with the sneak peek into the varied cultures it came from. If each participant gets inspired from one native art form and proceeds to practice and teach others, the art form will live longer. You can check the workshops here

Indian Folk Art Hands-on Workshop | IITM RESEARCH PARK, CHENNAI

iv) Invitations : Our ever growing collection of wedding invites include invites that are based on Indian folk art forms. We take pride in introducing folk art forms from varied states of India in the wedding invites.

You can check the complete collection here.

Phad Painting Invitation Design by © SCD Balaji™
Madhubani Invitation Design by ©SCD Balaji™
Tanjore Art Invitation Design by © SCD Balaji™

Our art forms are a treasure chest of glory accumulated across the generations and it is a magical experience to work with them in the modern day.

Contemporary Pattachitra Illustrations by © SCD Balaji™

Now it’s time to revisit the evolutionary example that we mentioned at the start of the article. When we continue to use art forms that are specific to our country, it will be preserved and spoken about in the generations to come.

Contemporary Kerala Mural Illustration by © SCD Balaji™

Our Indian Folk Art 365 projects have kickstarted the same in a grand scale and you can show our art forms some love by sharing this article.