​​​​​​​Creativity is a superpower that is present in all of us. We are all born creative and remain so for a few years into our childhood. Most often, we fail to nurture this trait, and thus, end up forgetting it.

To put it in a simple way, creativity is a gauntlet that is empowered by ten powerful stones — tools, inventiveness, art, design, marketing, branding, aesthetics, communication, teaching and zen. (And of course, a snap of the fingers will result in some unique and marvellous creations!)

In order to put out the creative best and stay relevant, one must make…

© Illustrations by SCDBALAJI.art

Today’s world offers a plethora of courses for a person to join. But, is the course of your choice creative enough? Does it empower you to stand out amidst your peers?

Here are some essentials of a creative course that one must verify before enrolling:

There is an evolutionary theory that arrives at the following message “Anything that’s used more grows and continues to grow across the generations . You might be wondering why a branding studio is getting into evolution now. You will know why by the end of this blog post.

In the second post under the series “ Why we do what we do ”, you will get an inside scoop of the works and purpose behind the critically acclaimed Indian Folk Art 365 initiative.

SCD Balaji

Founder Atma Studios, Indian Folk Art 365, Quirky™ Invitations and Artpreneur Program | Educator | Artpreneur | Indian Illustrator | Ulchemist

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