Nowadays children learn to use a smartphone even before they start counting. They not only use it to play games it but also use different kind of applications. They also change wallpapers, ringtones or even download their favourite games from the application store.

First of all let us understand how children learn such tasks so easily and quickly without much help from teacher and parents?

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The answer is simple. Children pick up any concept easily if it is :

Visual in nature instead of blob of text.

Interactive in nature instead of theoretical.

Both of the above are present when…

In this post we’ll briefly discuss what is STEM education, why has it become important(read very important) in this current age and what steps should we take to expose student towards this field?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

So what’s so special about this?

It is special in the sense that it highly encourages students into thinking about the problem, conceptualizing the solution, building on the solution, failing once or twice or more, then reassessing about the approach and repeat. Our current education seems to under-emphasize this concept and instead gets lost in some curriculum.

There are…

Object-oriented Programming is one of the most popular programming-paradigm which works on the concept of objects.

The best thing about OOP is code re-usability. It means once we define the blueprint of any object we just have to create an object and voila, we have access to all the methods and attributes of that object.

Objects can have data and code in the form of attributes and methods respectively.

Most popular OOP languages are class-based, which means we first define the class and then create instance of those class. We call those instance as object.

Common OOP languages are …


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