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Elmo Is Executed Using Jet Engine

Elmo of Sesame Street fame was incinerated using a jet engine. The muppet was tied to a stake facing the exhaust vent of a 2,500 horsepower turbojet engine, which was mounted on the back of a pickup truck. A man inside the truck started the engine and increased its thrust to full power, resulting in a force that ripped all the stuffing off Elmo’s muppet body.

Jimmy Fallon Exposed As Party Animal

Jimmy Fallon has given himself yet another finger injury, this time from slipping with a bottle in hand. Apparently, Fallon has been well-known in the party scene, since the early 2000s. Many of his co-stars have grown concerned that Fallon is losing his control over his habits, and has slipped into alcoholism.

Tarantino Versus the Police

Notorious film director, Quentin Tarantino, has gotten himself in hot water with the police of America. Last week, Tarantino joined an anti-police riot, calling police “murderers.” Well, the Fraternal Order of Police decided to greet fire with fire, and they are intending to bring Tarantino’s words down on his head on the heels of his latest film release, The Hateful Eight.

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