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US Airways To Fly Final Flight Friday

US Airways will be making rounds for the last time Friday night. Their last flight, scheduled to take off from San Francisco at 9:55 pm, will land in Philadelphia Saturday morning. Founded in 1939 as Allegheny Air, US Airways’ final flight will mark roughly 74 years in business.

Lab-grown Brains May Help Cure Disease

Ohio State University has succeded in growing “mini-brains,” actually small lumps of human neurons grown in petri-dishes. They claim the structures may help repair brain damage that normally causes autism and Alzheimer’s. They also believe that close study of these cells may result in a clearer understanding of human psychology.

3D-printer Makes Replica of Human Heart

A 4-year old girl with a malformed aorta underwent a complex operation to correct the structure. To complete the operation, the surgical team required a three dimensional model of the girl’s heart. The team used a 3D-printer to make the model from X-ray data of her chest.

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