Work space issues

I have more things going on art wise then I have had in years. My work space is getting more than a little crowded. I need to redesign my space. Take over an entire room in my house rather than a part of it like I have.

I suppose this is a good problem to have.

It’s a bit of a hassle to dig out my water colors and other things I need as I need them but at least the tools and materials are being used and that is better than not being used at all.

And since one of my life long goals is to sell a cartoon to the New Yorker I need to crank out 10–15 cartoons a week and submit these cartoons to them for a year before I am at ever be considered for such, I have a lot of work to do.

Freelance work has just perked up and feedback from other cartoonist friends of mine is continuing to encourage me.

Life is good.

Cartooning is difficult. But it’s all I know. Maybe by my 50th birthday I will score a sale to the New Yorker and/or be able to join the NCS. (National Cartoonists Society) I already have a friend who will sponsor me to join when I get there.

If not… I will still have a body of work to show the world. I can and will self-publish my rejections. I am already thinking of organizing my existing cartoons into a collection to sell.

We are working on finishing a website and as long as I can hold a pencil and sit upright I will always be working on this. Telling short, short stories and hopefully connecting with people who find my work thoughtful or mildly amusing.

I’ll settle for mildly amusing.

The work never ends. There is always a cartoon to write and draw. Even after I stop working a bread and butter job I will always be working on a cartoon. Or, someday get back to honestly painting in watercolor.

But first I need to reorganize my work space.