Earlier this week, Lionsgate (The Hunger Games, The Hurt Locker) announced that Discovery Media and Liberty Global will each pay $195 million for 5 million of its shares. Entertainment industry insider baseball? Maybe. But it was news of the deal’s architect — “Cable Cowboy” John Malone — that should worry consumers and regulators alike.

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To understand the significance of the Lionsgate deal and why it matters, it’s important to understand the history of Malone’s dealings. …

“Markets work best when there is healthy competition among businesses. In too many industries, that competition just doesn’t exist anymore.”

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What the “New Charter” broadband would look like, if Charter is successful in acquiring Time Warner Cable and the smaller Bright House Networks. Not a pretty picture for New York, the Carolinas, Ohio, and Southern California. (image: Charter Resource Center)

This past weekend, The New York Times editorial board railed against a troubling trend in America: mergers. Too many corporations are trying to cash in and corner the market while Americans pay the price. And Charter Communications is hoping they’re the next to do it in an already over-consolidated broadband market.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, competition in the broadband market doesn’t even exist for a majority of Americans.


Sara Cederberg

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