NOIZChain is fighting ad-fraud through NIKOLA a cognitive AI bot

On average 19 billion dollars is lost yearly to ad-fraud. NOIZChain has however developed an intuitive solution to the ad-fraud menace.

Globalization is especially attributed to advancements in communication technology with the advent of the internet being hailed as the singular greatest factor in increased global interactions. Each year, an increasing number of millennials use the internet for work, education, socialization and entertainment.

With the increased production and adoption of smartphones and personal computers, the internet has become conveniently accessible thereby replacing conventional media as the choice source of information and trends. Advertisers therefore pay for online ad placement on various websites and online platforms in the hope of attracting potential customers through digital marketing. Advertisers are however faced with one big problem; ad-fraud.

what is ad-fraud?

Ad-fraud refers to the false impression of traffic or interest presented to advertisers by scammers. This comes in the form of ineffective or misrepresented ad placement and click fraud. Click fraud is achieved through automated programs or the employment of a large number of low wage employees (click farms) to click on online advertisements. Even though this gives an impression of traffic, it does not translate to actual sales of the advertised products. Bots therefore distort analytics and reduce the effectiveness of marketing budgets. Research estimates show that as of 2017, 27 billion dollars was lost due to ad fraud.

Meet NIKOLA the cognitive AI bot

In order to fight click fraud, NOIZChain platform incorporates the use of cognitive artificial intelligence bot named NIKOLA. In summary the Nikola achieves the following functions

  • chats with people
  • increases user engagement
  • rewards users for their feedback
  • filters out spam
  • fights crime

Nikola will increase conversion rates of ads by rewarding consumers for their engagement with ads by issuing them tokens through the Noizchain platform. The image below shows a sample interactive window through which consumers engage with NIKOLA.

NIKOLA’s interactive window

NIKOLA can also classify consumer engagement into levels of intent. This information will be vital to advertisers, enabling them to adjust their objectives to fit various marketing scenarios.

A representation of incentivised ad interaction with NIKOLA.

According to the NOIZChain whitepaper, advertisers can apply NIKOLA’s interactive interphase to achieve various objectives. These include

  1. Lead Generation Dialogue
  2. Customer Service Dialogue
  3. Brand Engagement
  4. Campaign Promotion
  5. Event/Sign-up/Subscription Engagement
  6. e-Commerce
  7. O2O traffc
  8. Surveys
  9. Gamifcation
  10. Loyalty Extension Promotion
  11. Localized & Personalised Attraction Promotion
  12. Live Video Interactions

In retrospect, NIKOLA provides advertisers with proof of engagement unlike the current scenario where advertisers lose money to false traffic. In addition, NIKOLA’s ability to learn will ensure correct demographic targeting and increased consumer engagement over time. By using artificial intelligence to filter out spam traffic and incorporating blockchain’s immutability and transparency, NOIZChain will effectively fight ad-fraud.

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