5 Application what i use most

1. Pinterest

This application is what i use most recently. This app’s contents is image. And users can see and search the image in this application. The difference between this app and others is ‘pin’ function. You can ‘pin’ any image that you like to your board.

And You can make your board in your account. It look like below.

This app updated every minute and you can see new image. Also you can follow other peoples board like twitter. I have three board and what i use most is ‘earth’ board. I pinned a lot of nature picture like below. I use this application because i like nature and have some information about good place for sightseeing.

2. Everytime

This application is show my everyday class schedule to me. Especially about classroom, I can’t remember all my classroom of each class, it helps me many time. It show me like below.

And when course registration time come, it helps to make time table by arrange class what i choose on the board. It look like below.

It also have community that can debate about many things of university, and lecture evaluation corner. So i can take information about class before i register that class. It look like below.

I started to use this application by introduce of my college, and it is very useful.

3. VUE

This application is video filtering application. With this application i can filming video more affectively. You can set up how take gonna long and what filter you’ll gonna use. It look like this.

I made video with this app. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41UhCms7-ww

4. Around

This is one of Social Networking Service application. It has special difference compare to other SNS. It is Anonymity service. When you make account in this service, only you can know about owner’s personal information of that account. Basically it is writing service like twitter, but people who see your writing can’t know who you are. It just appeared only contents of writing. It look like below.

And someone who empathize or write a comment to your writing also showes just “someone”. It is throughly anonymity. It look Like below.

5. Instagram

It is photo based application. You can make post only through photo or video, It can’t make post only writings. You can see other people’s picture who you following, or just surfing in random board. It look like below.

You can also tag someone or something using ‘hashtag’. Hashtag has function it make link with another post what use same hashtag. So when you click the hashtag, it’ll show you many other post what use that hashtag. It look like below. It look like #this or #that.

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