Hetal. (11/15) #IANMWY

Today, my gratitude is for Hetal Vasavada. The OG Pretty Polymath, my favorite vegetarian chef, and the coolest mom Elara could ever have.

Appreciation for: her insatiable curiosity about everything, coupled with brilliant brain; her genuine acceptance of everyone; …bruh, her food is off the chains (especially those jackfruit sliders)

What I’ll never forget: the white chocolate tart she made for San Francisco MC6 open call auditions (and I hadn’t even met her yet; I was just obsessed with it for 5 months before we were ever introduced); our post-election day of feelings; being her sous chef at her a fancy-ass private wine tasting event

Message: “Hetal — OK, friends are great, right? We’re all #blessed to have them. And there’s different levels of friendship: best friends, childhood friends, instant friends you meet in the women’s bathroom when you drunk-bond over something inane. But yours is a class above a lot of others in my life. Your friendship inspires me. Every time we hang out, I feel smarter, happier, and more determined afterward. Your luminosity is infectious, your hunger for life inspiring. Your sense of adventure has rekindled what has been dormant in me for the past few years. Thank you for being the brightness I’ve needed, #masterbestie. I love you so much!”

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