Why am I on medium

Hi there, my Name is Esther. I wanted to start my blog long time ago but something (mostly laziness) always have been stopping me from doing this. However recently few things in my life happened which helped me realize how deep I was inside mobile apps, social feeds, sex dating apps etc. This was the trigger — I said “Stop this useless wasting of my time. Aren’t there things in your life you want to do, goals you want to achieve? Does spending your time scrolling infinite feeds, watching funny videos, messaging another random girl among them?”. I removed myself from all the apps that I don’t think are useful for me, I closed my facebook account though I kept it active in facebook messenger and decided to finally start the blog.

So here I am now — I finally have a blog. I was thinking about what should I write here and why, so I decided that I want to share my thought about my life and about the things we are doing in our day-to-day life. Writing your thoughts also helps you to structure and analyze them and perhaps this is the biggest motivation for me as I don’t think many people will read my posts here :)

In my blog you can expect my thoughts on things which we experience in our daily routing like using some social apps like facebook or instagram, my thoughts about healthy lifestyle and some science related news.

You might ask why this blog is called scepticlifestyle. That’s because I used to be sceptic about things I hear from news and from social feeds. I put them trough my filter before blindly trusting them. At some point I extrapolated this on many other things in life. Like on some traditions, society rules etc.

P.S. on yeah, english is not my native language and I never was good in writing english, so I hope I will improve it while writing here.

Glad to see you here,

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