Gracious Living with Duralee Fabrics

We still dispute with my husband about how we should call our favourite room. Frankly speaking, we started arguing about it from the moment of making design of our house. He thinks we should call it the hearth room, but I insist on family room. But no matter how we want to call it, we are completely happy with its functionality and interior look with all those Phillip Jeffries wallpaper around.
Our main floor is open-planned, that’s why the family room is fully open, and you can eat both in the area and kitchen that leads directly to the great room. As for family living it’s perfectly ok, but as for furnishing the space it’s quite challenging, especially when you want the furniture to match unique wallpaper on the wall. Our idea was not having the similar spaces, but those ones complimenting each other.
If you read my previous post about great room, you know that it is full of pale blue and grey shades. But in the family room we decided to take cream shade and blue in little quantity. Thus, rooms are quite alike and complimenting each other, but anyway, they were at the same time different.

In our family room all the furniture is the one we have owned almost all our life. So, we did only some small changes and replacements just to fit them into the interior. For instance, we have bought our couch ten years ago and it was originally of chocolate brown color. I bought some upholstery in cream Thibaut fabrics online and reupholstered my couch. As far as the fabric was quite reasonably priced, it took me half of money that I would spend on buying the new coach. The chairs were also reupholstered into cream shade, and their legs became white to emphasize the fabrics color.
Some furniture in the room — I mean my end table together with coffee table — are 25-years-old. They were the object of lots of paint treatments. At present, they are painted white, with two smaller tables which were of dark cherry color. Colored in white they fit the room greatly!
Makeover was also implemented towards accessories in the room. Candle sticks made of wood got the colors of cream-and-grey-and-white (they previous were of red, brown and black). The black grass plate turned into white. As for the pillows and chairs, I bought some Duralee fabrics and again was busy with some reupholstering.
So, the eating area should “follow” the entire color gamma. We used Duralee fabrics for chairs, replacing those animal prints that we had before. Not all chairs have the covers that fit properly. But for Duralee and Thibaut fabrics online shop it’s not a problem. Some years back ago and today I still can buy necessary covers there.

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