How to Sell on Overstock and Its Sub-Platform For Small Businesses Called Main Street Revolution

how to sell on overstock

Ecommerce platform has differentiated its online retail services from the rest of the sellers such as eBay, Etsy, and others. The company’s profit in 2014 was over one and half billion dollars, while it was offering more than a million items on its e-platform including overstock inventory.

If you want to learn how to sell on Overstock, you need to realize that the main difference between and other e-retailers is that they do not give their major platform to individual producers. They, however, offer for small manufacturers who are interested to know how to sell on Overstock an opportunity to participate in their other site named Main Street Revolution. That site caters to smaller companies meeting certain specific requirements.

If you are among the manufacturers who want to study how to sell on Overstock, you need to be familiar with the expected qualities and criteria of this site including its sub-platform Main Street Revolution.

It is a good idea to use a listing hub such as Omni Channel Hub to set up and manage your products across different selling channels such as and others Take a look at more possibilities for your business and see if you qualify to sell on or its sub-market outlet Main Street Revolution.

Main Street Revolution is not for every business. Merchants who are interested in learning how to sell on Overstock, should, first of all, find out the criteria for listing the goods on the site to see if they qualify. The primary requirement for those who want to see how to sell on Overstock is that their goods must be manufactured in America. The principal goal of this Ecommerce platform is to help producers based in America to sell their products. So the preference is given hundred percent to domestic producers.

Also, Main Street Revolution considers only small companies, which are interested in learning how to sell on Overstock. Bigger corporations and B-to-B sellers cannot be accepted to sell on this sub-platform. They need to apply to directly. However, if a business that is interested how to sell on Overstock is owned by minority or by women only, they can be accepted even if they are of a bit bigger size. It is a socially supported project accepting applications for minority businesses that want to try it out and learn how to sell on Overstock.

The merchants who want to sell overstock inventory and other goods online need to learn how to sell on Overstock. It is a good way for smaller businesses that want to set up an online presence. It is easier than running their own e-shop, which requires a lot of time and money to manage.

The option to learn how to sell on Overstock is better in some ways than creating a site and providing its security. Besides, setting up a software for integration of online and in-store transactions for sales of manufactured goods or overstock inventory also takes extra efforts and can be quite costly.

Learning how to sell on Overstock takes away all the “hassle” as well as monetary and time resources needed for running your e-store. On top of that, it at the same time makes you more credible as a merchant and brings you exposure. To do this on your own, running your e-store would require hiring IT specialists to boost online traffic to your site. is a fantastic option and can get your small company to the higher levels. However, not all businesses that want to try how to sell on Overstock qualify.

selling on overstock

Certain criteria need to be met for the prospective sellers who want to realize how to sell on Overstock. They need to go through the approval process and be accepted to sell manufactured goods or overstock inventory. is a company that is very concerned with the legal side of their business operations. They take liability issues very seriously. They make it clear to all who wants to discover how to sell on Overstock, that employees who violate any laws would be terminated immediately and suppliers will lose their agreements.

Vendors are required to have “open door policy.” It means they should reveal info regarding their factories, warehouse facilities, and other relevant data. If you want to discover how to sell on Overstock, you need to be ready to provide all the documents proving that you are a law-abiding company and that your procedures are compliant with all state codes.

Sellers who are looking how to sell on Overstock are given more flexibility in the way they handle merchandise than most of the Overstock competitors. Overstock allows drop shipping, managing your inventories while choosing integration procedures. But it is important that those who are eager to know how to sell on Overstock be prepared to handle their operations according to their standard. It means that prospective sellers need to demonstrate that they have ways needed to track and manage their items.

Main Street Revolution differs from various e-platforms as they provide a sort of a “selling outlet” for businesses instead of a direct partnership. Merchants who sell manufactured goods or overstock inventory of different brands when they list their items to sell on Overstock can manage their operations as they prefer. The only requirements are abiding by the law and maintaining quality client support.

To become a Main Street Revolution participant a company needs to be located in America and have less than twenty-five employees. It also needs to be able to legally operate in the US. Most importantly, it has to have products shipment system in place.

The Ecommerce platform takes about twenty percent of revenue. Main Street Revolution now presents over two thousand and five hundred items from tea and coffee to jewelry or décor items. The opportunities that Main Street Revolution gives to its merchants are priceless. They would never otherwise get this kind of exposure to customers. Small companies usually have a hard time compete with large brands. Main Street Revolution can promote all sorts of businesses, even small ones, that are operated by one person who works from home.

Overstock is planning to market this outlet via email and on TV. The company’s CEO has hope that this sub-market will eventually produce bigger profits, maybe even around fifty million dollars or more.

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