Star Wars RC Fun

Here it is. We’ve got Star Wars, and for the fans mania comes into drive.
Of course, there are lots of gadgets and other toy stuff to be busy with all year round, such as remote control crane or remote control police car. But how often does a Star Wars movie takes the attention of entire world? To get you feel all the spirit of this time, we’ve decided to show you the best tech toys on the movie topic for your fan pleasure.

· For drone lovers

Annually, there appears a hot all-new tech toy. This year it’s about drones. Do you want some madness? The combination of Millennium Falcon & a drone will really make it. The Airhogs Millennium Falcon drone is the hottest and coolest toy of the year. It is the rc construction toys, super-tough, provided with light, has an option of hyperspace sound. Its speed is up to 200 feet! To be true, it will take some time to get used to controls, but as soon as you get the feel of it, you will forget about Internet existence.

· Sphero’s BB-8

Everybody expected this tech toy to be a bit bigger, but nevertheless, it doesn’t lessen its adorability. BB-8 by Sphero is a ball robot, which rolls round with the main characters in the last episode of Star Wars. It perfectly fits in your palm. Sphero technologists have powered it with the option of controlling it with a smartphone. The application has some cool extended holograms of reality and pseudo features. You are going to be proud of having BB-8 in your toy collection.

· BB-8 by Hasbro

Sphero’s BB-8 is more complicated and fast, and that is why more expensive. Hasbro RC version is much cheaper and less advanced, but it still can roll and produce scrawly droid sounds. When it fails, it’s such a charming view to watch. And it’s much bigger than tiny (in comparison) Sphero.

· Furbacca

Never shutting up, irritating and annoying pet toys of the 90s — it’s all about Furbies. Do you remember them? So, there was a brilliant idea to make a natural mating of Chewbacca and Furby. And thus, we’ve got Furbacca. How do you like the idea? It can be played with like a real pet — it demands food, it “gets dirty” and needs having a bath, and sometimes “asks’ some playing with it. In one word, you can do all those domesticated actions that would be impossible with Wookiee. The favourite option of ours is its ability to light up its eyes (well, depending on its mood) with those famous X-wing fighters.