Trends in cotton solid colors

Modern quilting is mostly defined with the solids. Notwithstanding the fact that lots of modern quilts depend on prints, bright quality of graphic work is enriched with solid colors.

Here we would like to discuss top solids of Kona that every quilt designer should have around.

Have you heard about Radiant Orchid? Well, this is also known as Pantone Color of 2014. As far as regular orchids are…well, not so bright, cerise is a bit darker and just awesome! Yes, not all of us prefer pink or violet, but cerise is so bold that nobody is going to feel too sweet or cloying.

It is characterized with brighter tones of mustard yellow and looks good together with orange, grey and turquoises. Colors, though very bold and bright, can fit modern aesthetic and are perfectly combined with neutral white and grey.

Caribbean blue is very close to Azure. Azure is a color of incredible bright blue and green with a small addition of aqua. We like this color because of its ability to coordinate with different colors. Yellow, orange, brown, grey and some neutral tinctures.

Combination of red and orange — this color will definitely make some rods in your eyes. It’s not a coral color, but it’s not far from that. Clothes for children of tangerine make them look happy and bright. Besides, it was the color of 2012.

Good green color is not easy to find. It can be a little bit too yellowish, mossy or electric. Clover is wonderful, deep green, a bit deeper than Pantone traditional version. At the same time it is bright and not depressing.

Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with brightness. Colorful pillows, linens and the best wallpapers, especially those Thibaut design wallpaper. Bald color and tinctures will make your life a holiday.

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