Why am I writing?

My wife needs to eat gluten free; I don’t. To complicate this arrangement further, she’s vegetarian. Well, actually pescatarian if we want to split hairs. I’m neither. Anyway, eating out can provide some complications when trying to find menus and dishes that would satisfy both of our needs. I don’t mind a salad but when a restaurant’s idea of vegetarian and gluten free is one without croutons — and that’s the extent of the options— we move on to other places.

Luckily, these days, there are other places. And my goal, my hope, is to pass on not only the restaurants that we like and the options they provide to various diets, but how and why others fall short. That’s some difficult territory and I’ll navigate it carefully. In some instances, places could reasonably fall into both categories.

Beyond that, though, I’m also going to discuss our at-home practices of food prep, eating and possibilities as they pertain to gluten free diets. At my wife’s request, I was more than happy to go gluten free at home. This wasn’t difficult and there are a lot of fantastic options and alternatives out there now.

Finally, I’m going to leave room for expansion as the time goes on. I’ll probably expand beyond food and will gladly answer questions, take suggestions and criticisms. I’ve also chosen Medium because of my affinity for tech, clean layouts, and mobile opportunities.

I hope you’ll join me (and her) as we go along here. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@scfoodguy on both).

Let’s eat!