Mindless Vacation

I wanted to write something inspirational. I wanted it to be seen. I wanted it to be heard.

But rest assured, you don’t know the reason I am writing this.

You see, I care about art, and I am passionate about faith.

But as I grow old, I realize I’m addicted, to your taste.

Because without your ears,

my fears,

just deepened.

So I tailor my thoughts for an audience, but now they are cheapened.

So the real me that you all think you know.

Is just a reflection of the man I project,

not my inner soul.

So I wrestle, unravel, and unwind,

My thoughts I revise for your kind.

Until the original ideas that cared for,

were no longer mine.

Listen carefully, to that man you think you know,

One day you might realize you’ve been talking to a shadow.

A hollowed heart and an empty shell

He’s been battling demons from his inner hell.

But don’t despair. He is there.

Only his heart knows the reasons why he cannot declare,

His love for you,

and his expressions, that he forgot how to do.

But patience, please, patience.

Say congratulations,

because a smile is hard to come by these days.

Most of his time is spent on that chase.

I’m not talking a fake laugh or a superficial bath,

No not even that convincing smile from a sociopath

A genuine,


warm and gentle smile.

The one that makes you cuddle up for awhile.

And though he might find comfort in the isolation,

He’s still there, so pull him from his mindless vacation.