So you think you’re a hero.

So do you think you’re a hero. Just because you give food to the hungry and shelter the homeless.

You give your extra money to people who haven’t had the taste of Milk & honey.

So do You think your a hero cause you spend hours cooking food in parking lots for people who don’t have a lot.

You drive people home to park benches and pretend like you don’t know what that stench is

Because it matters to you what they feel and you shatter the things that most people won’t do

You talk to the angry and comfort the insane. You hold the hand of the dying and visit those in a chain.

Do you think your a hero cause you never force into faith. Instead of saying “read this”, you’re wiping blood off a face.

So do want a medal? do want an eye?

These are temptations of a person who would lie.

But you are not he,

and you already see

There’s not glory in true love

It’s repulse and divine.

So I’m sorry to tell you this. You’re not a hero, you’re a saint. And you’ll get no earthly glory here.

Because heroes are praised, and saints are raised. It’s not a matter of checklists of good deeds and faith reads. No.

Ask yourself, is my soul clean?

So you think youre a hero. No. You are a saint. And you deserve praise but you will never take it. Because you will never need it. Unlike the liars, the addicts and the sinners

praise to you, just tastes bitter

And that’s why, you, yes, I mean you, are the only reason I still believe.


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