CCNA Training

We, at Golars Networks, are a professional team of developing cutting-edge applications in the domains of networking and security solutions. We have established ourselves as a trusted destination for nurturing the digital world with world class computer networking solutions, network security solutions, network consulting & training programs, manpower outsourcing and everything else that caters to your online growth, security, and progressive sustenance.

Whatever is your network requirement, we have solutions for all! From domain name registration to web hosting to network security to network management, we are adept in all kinds of networking solutions.

Our data center service comprises all the components and activities to support the operation of data center and various on-going projects. We provide an environment that offer storage, processing, management, networking and distribution of data within an organization.

Security is an important feature when it comes to safeguard critical business information. We provide full security services for your organization’s network and protect it against the security threats such as viruses, malware's, unethical hackers, spywares and so on.

The Advanced Technology Center at Golars Networks is a technology rich and service-driven training location for all employees with resources, facilities resources and services. The facility was designed to provide employers with: Optimal training environment. State-of-the-art labs that are adaptable to all customers’ needs. Employees can make use of our Advanced Technology Center that is equipped with all the latest resources and full-proved technology support.