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Conversational AI

A case for Bhārat Bhāṣā Stack

Bhārat Bhāṣā Stack will catalyze Voice Assistant and Conversational AI innovations for vernacular Indic languages as India Stack did for FinTech.

A decade ago, it was unimaginable.

That one would pay a street vendor in a nondescript small town in India by scanning on mobile a QR code hung on his cart. Even for an amount as little as 50 rupees (less than a dollar).

That there would be many mobile apps and payment wallets from banks and non-banks. All seamlessly interoperable. Any two parties would transact by sharing an email like wallet-address. Without paying any transaction fee.

That myriad of small businesses would send catalogs on WhatsApp. Deliver goods to your home. Accept digital payments at your doorsteps. Without having to build a website or payment gateway. …

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Programming Tips

How to profile performance and balance it with ease of use

Applying a function to all rows in a Pandas DataFrame is one of the most common operations during data wrangling. There are many ways of doing it. In this article, you will measure the performance of 6 common alternatives. With a companion Colab, you can do it all in your browser. No need to install anything on your machine.


Recently, I was analyzing user behavior data for an e-commerce app. Depending on the number of times a user did text and voice searches, I assigned each user to one of four cohorts:

  • No Search: Users who did no search at…

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Python Microservices

Distilled lessons from building microservices powering Slang Labs platform. Presented in a PyCon India 2019 tutorial.

A data model organizes data elements and formalizes their relationships with one another. In database design, data modeling is the process of analyzing application requirements and designing conceptual, logical, and physical data models for storage. However, data storage is only one, albeit an important, aspect of microservices.

There are three related but distinct data models in a microservice for:

  • API Data Model for interactions: It defines the schema of data payload that can be sent to or is received from the endpoints of a microservice. Also known as communication or exchange data model.
  • Object Data Model for computations: It is designed for efficient business logic implementation. Also known as application data model or data structures. …


Satish Chandra Gupta

Cofounder @SlangLabs. Ex Amazon, Microsoft Research. I built compilers for a decade. Now I make ML services handling billion events/day in realtime.

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