This is a crazy year for politics. We are on the verge of electing our first, in the history of the United States of America, female president, but that isn’t the biggest story. The story is how citizens, in a fit to be heard, are rejecting normal establishment candidates and moving into entirely new directions. Bernie Sanders is not your typical democrat. Donald Trump, a so called republican, is perhaps the strangest presidential candidate in history. If he wins, he could also end up being this country’s worst president ever.

This got me thinking…

Who is the best and worst presidents of all time. I decided I would embark on a journey to figure that out. I will read about and study each and every president of these great United States. I will pour over thousands and thousands of pages of biography and boil down their presidencies into a digestible chunk. Each will receive a rating from 0(worst) to 10 (best) in each of the following categories.

Progress and Achievement

To excel in this category, the president has to make meaningful progress towards their vision. This means they need to surround themselves with skilled people that can make that happen. It also means they need to appeal to the public as well as folks on both sides of the isle in congress.


To excel in this category, the president needs to exhibit an outlook that focuses on progressing the plight of human beings, preservation of human life, and a desire to solve problems that affect all humans, regardless of race, gender, class, or national boundaries.

Judgement and Forward Thinking

To excel in this category, the president needs to exhibit an ability to think beyond the times, towards the future. They need to be able to deal with critical situations quickly but appropriately. They lead, but also rely on others to ensure they have all the information necessary to make the right call.


To excel in this category, the president needs to represent themselves to the nation and across the world with dignity, strength and humility, inspiring others to rally around their cause. They stay cool under pressure but project confidence.


To excel in this category, the president needs to show they have strong moral fiber that drives them to do right and good.

I will start with George Washington. I will start by reading Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. I’ll follow that up with His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis. I post my digest of Washington and his ratings once I have completed my research. I’ll follow this up by looking at John Adams, and so on and so forth.

See you in a bit…