I Am a Bear: My Unhibernation Manifesto

“Rearrange. Rebirth. Hands are so powerful. They can heal. Yourself. The world. Hands are my home. My hands are my home. My powerful hands are my home. I am powerful and I can heal the world. I am a bear coming out of hibernation, awake and strong.”

Well, as predicted, I am reborn. Ayahuasca was and is. And now that I am the bear, it’s time to fully wake up from this long slumber. Intentions are intentions, and without action, they are just intentions powerful as they may be.

So let’s quickly lay out a couple of themes for my next steps. This is the manifesto I live and breathe.

  1. Help people see the systems that shape their self so that they can better rediscover and feel into their true self.
  2. Shake people, make them feel uncomfortable, but do it with humor and lightness so that there is growth on the other side.
  3. Carve a path for men specifically to be able to tap into their own instinctual, powerful masculinity (mostly through my own personal example) — and in a way that, mind you, acknowledges wholeheartedly the absolute mysticism and divine that are women.
  4. Be a bridge between ‘East’ and ‘West’, between the tribal / ancestral and the European system we’ve built.
  5. Wake people up, be the light to the dark, contribute to the survival of the the organism that is humanity and the ecosystem that will be here long after we are gone.

Okay so that’s it. Don’t be surprised if we do this through subversion, through play and laughter, and most importantly, through raw, global, cross- border connectivity.

To be continued…

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