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Using the + operator 🔧

package mainimport (
func main() {
str1 := "Hello"
// there is a space before World
str2 := " World!"
fmt.Println(str1 + str2)
Hello World!

Using Sprint, Sprintf, Sprintln 🛠

Variadic functions can be called with any number of trailing arguments.


Hyperledger Fabric is all about permissions. These permissions are provided in the form of certificates and keys. In broad term, it is known as Identities.

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Where can I store the Identities? 💼

File System

There are multiple ways in golang to use environment variables and files.

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Why should we use the environment variable?

Security Issue:

  • You’re entering all the information in the code. Now, all the unauthorized person also have access to the DB.
  • If you’re using code versioning tool like git then the details of your DB will…

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What is the current situation of the Internet?

A complete step by step tutorial on how to create a todo app in Golang

Cover designed in Canva
  1. Server — Go
  2. Database — MongoDB
  3. Frontend — React

In this guide, we will install Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 on Linux machine and on Windows machine.

Google sources

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  1. Prerequisites
  2. Linux Installation
  3. Windows Installation


  1. cURL — latest version
  2. Docker — version 17.06.2-ce or greater
  3. Docker Compose — version 1.14.0 or greater
  4. Golang…

Images Google Sources
  1. ganache-cli
  2. Ethereum-Dapp and Server
  3. Client (React App)

Connect the Metamask to ganache-cli running inside the docker container

Ganache-Docker-Metamask Source Google Images
  1. Docker installed in your machine. Please check out this link and install which fits with your OS.
  2. The Metamask plugin installed to your browser. Please check out this link and follow the instructions to install it.

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