India’s first blockchain production studio is here!

We at S Chain Labs are pleased to announce that our blockchain production studio is launched on March 9 2018. Please visit,

Blockchain technology has ushered a new era in trustless computing. We took a leaf from this and want to bring it to the industry that is fundamental for the country, the agriculture.

Empowering the farmer will invariably benefit the food chain. We envisioned blockchain usage around the agriculture ecosystem and have developed products to help the farmers as well as the businesses in agriculture.

A glimpse into our products.

Warehouse Receipt Financing : A product that provides a quick workaround over the existing system reducing lags and automate the processing of loans against receipts instantly.

Crop Insurance: A quick and efficient solution designed to help the distraught farmer due to loss incurred either by floods or drought. Instant issuance of the insurance amount as soon as the issue is identified.

Cattle Contracts: A platform to connect tech savvy and able consumers and cattle farmers. Consumers can buy the cattle contract to relieve the farmer from financial burden and can avail the benefits in return. The end result: the ecosystem of cattle farming is preserved.

With the experience we have garnered with blockchain based crypto currencies and the world wide ecosystem of blockchain and full technology stack experts we are all set to go with our products and consulting services.