Technology has failed us

We all need a helping hand sometimes.

Technology was meant to solve the world’s problems, give us all more freedom, and create opportunities.

Everywhere in the world people are struggling, are working more, are unemployed, or simply lack access to the tools and resources they need to create their own success.

Note: Technology has done a lot but, I believe we can do more, we can do better.

A lot of this is due to a lack of access to stable, reliable internet access. Some is due to the high cost of tools, resources, and simply the cost of internet access itself.

We need to change this. No, in fact, we have to.

I believe we can change this through a collaborative initiative between the people on the ground facing these problems, and the Open Source community.

So today, I am launching Third World Problems.

This is a really early version, a MVP, in the spirit of release early, release often. The basic premise of the site is as follows.

First, it acts as a platform for people to describe and submit real problems they face everyday.

Secondly, a resource, that people can refer to when looking for a solution to the problem they are facing. This is facilitated by comments people can leave proposing a solution to the problem being described.

And lastly, a place where people in the Open Source community can go to find real world problems they can solve by writing code, designing better user experiences or simply making.

All of this will be moderated to ensure the problems and solutions proposed meets our criteria.

If you have read this far, I thank you. I am curious about people’s thoughts and ideas, and look forward to seeing the great solutions that are born from this, the community this builds, and above all, the problems we solve together.

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