I saved about 150 people & Counting !!!!!!!! ….. you too can..

Audacious title. Isn’t it? Well, I am a normal and sane person just like any of you. But quite a tall claim by any extent. However, each one of us is capable of saving that many or more number of people in their lifetime.

How or what did I do to achieve this? And more importantly how can you do this?

Dear friends, I am a registered Blood Donor and recently (7th Jan), I completed my 50th donation. This means that in total, I have given away close to 20 liters of blood. An average human has anywhere between 4.7 to 5 liters of blood and so this means I have given away 4 times my total blood as donation.

It is staggering to think in these terms. Effectively my body has regenerated blood 4 times of what is it used to. What this also means is that we human are capable of managing and producing what we give away.

All good things start with a life event. This was way back in 1992 when my dad had to undergo a major surgery, we share the same blood group and this is not so common blood group. We needed three units of blood before they could fix the surgery date. In those days, they used to allow direct relatives to donate blood. That is where my journey of donating blood started.

I gave 1 unit and found it tough to arrange for the other 2 units. That is when I decided that I will make sure I will return the good work that other 2 did by continuing to respond to CALL for donation. I registered with all blood banks, online portals, and hospitals in my city

Since then I have been regular. As my blood group is not so common, it means that blood banks usually do not have ready storage or even if they do have they need to replace it, so that the next person can use it.

My chance to impact more lives was reduced as I lived in another country for 6 years where they would not take me as a donor.

After I got back to India, I started to donate again. There are times that I have just donated, and there is another urgent call and I am not able to donate before of the regulated 90 day break between donations. For this reason, I have created a donor group to ensure that on calls that I am not able to respond, it posted to this close group of people to take up the cause. I am also happy to have encouraged and enrolled close to 15 people to this noble cause.

Also with new advancements in the medical field, in addition to donating blood, the platelets in the blood can be donated at much shorter frequencies, and with the surge of dengue, this is also very helpful. I have also been attending to the call of platelets as well.

While I have been donating, one thing that stood out is the fact that blood donation is, it transcends ethnicity, caste creed, religion, nationality, color, age or sex. A new mother was thankful for my blood as much as a Bangladeshi resident here for a treatment.

What blood donation teaches is the fact that under the skin, we are all the same. Effectively world has just 8 groups of people. Only these matter, rest of the division is purely human created for reasons best left not discussed.

Also, the sense of satisfaction one gets when we get to positively impact someone else life is immense. This simple act of blood donation is life altering. Also a number of studies shows that the blood donor is benefited from donating as well. Benefits range from a sense of achievement to overall better health.According to mercola.com website,

Benefits of Donating

· It feels great to donate!

· Balance Iron Levels in Your Blood (Hemochromatosis)

· Better Blood Flow

· You Get a Mini Physical

· A Longer Life

· Makes you a HERO

· Set a great example

I can keep going on benefits, just maintaining a balanced iron level in your blood makes your life so much healthier. I am not aware of any other donation, where you get to gain so much from the act of giving.

The reason I wrote this article is with a hope that I can encourage many more of us to be volunteer donors. Please do not waitfor that life event to motivate you. If you are old enough and healthy enough, please get to the nearest blood bank donate save life and as a benefit to that get healthier

How can you get started:

Register yourself as a donor with any of below links: