This is Sofia!

Hi there, my name is Sofi and this is my blog:

I am Latin American born in Guatemala City, on september 10,2001, I come from a family of 4 members, who have inherited me values such as honesty, responsability, solidarity, etc, that will help me in the course of my life. Currently my parents are together and I have an 11 years old sister, I think my childhood was very beautiful, I had many friends, I loved to play any kind of things and always kept me very active. My elementary school was a bit boring, since I had changed school and the change cost me a little because I did not know anyone. I am currently studying at the SCJ ( Sagrado Corazón de Jesús) and I am studying my last year of high school. What I like most about my school is that I have some incredible friends, some of them I met them in elementary school and others in high school and nowadays we have a strong friendship, some of their names are Jessica, Dayana, Sofia, Nicole,etc.

My high school was an A-MA-ZING stage, here was where I developed most of my hobbies, I have so many that a list is not enough, but the most important is read, I LOVE IT, I like to read any kind of book, I can start and finish a book in a day. As every teenager I have good and bad habits, one bad habit is that I do not like to get up early and a good is that I like to do cleaning and keep everything in order.

My greatest fear in life is to lose my family, I know that death is a natural thing that happens sooner or later but I find it hard to accept it. As I tell you I am in a my final year of high school, so I have to start to see what I will do with my future, when I was little I wanted to be a teacher buy according to the time my mentality changed, now I want to be an engineer in systems, I want to continue this career because one of my strengths is that I am very good at next goal would be to work at NASA and create my own company, buy to achieve these goals I have a big weakness which is that is very complicated to me to work as a team because I am very demanding and something perfectionist.

Well this is the final of my post, I hope you also tell me about some aspects of yout life and hope you have enjoyed it!

“It´s time to inspire.”

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