Part 4: Dissension

Sasha and Rob sat across from each other, guns cocked, wondering who would pull the trigger first. Sasha could have gazed into Rob’s soul as hard as he was looking at her with his wide, brown eyes. After about three minutes of an intense stare down, she was the first to lower her weapon.

“Shoot me if you have to.” She said.

Rob pressed the gun further into her forehead. It felt like the weight of a brick pressing against her face. She was scared. But she wasn’t as afraid of him as she was of her father.

Although she wasn’t afraid of him, she could not allow her husband to kill her before she told him the whole story. Sasha used her training in jujitsu to disarm Rob. She knew she couldn’t stop there, so she proceeded to submit him and pressed the gun against his throat to encourage him not to move.

“Don’t move if you don’t want to die.” She used his intimidating tone against him. However, Rob did not listen, he managed to headbutt her and then…..

Sebastian left the hotel after Rob told him to leave. One thing he always did was listen to his cousin. Bash knew how serious things had gotten recently and he and his cousin were too close to argue with each other. They were cousins that had grown up like brothers. Bash’s mom was addicted to drugs in his childhood. Wilson, Rob’s father, took him in as his own son. Wilson and Bash’s mom were brother and sister, so he felt a priority to take in his only nephew.

Bash walked about 20 minutes away from the hotel until he arrived at a small warehouse by the riverbank. There were two men dressed in all black standing near the entrance, they nodded at him and proceeded to open the steel door to let him inside of the warehouse.

This warehouse was owned and operated by his family, it was small compared to the ones his cousin, Chris, managed. This warehouse was Bash’s territory. He made sure that whatever went to Chris came to him first as a quality check.

He walked up the stairs to get to his office. As soon as he opened the door, Chris was sitting at his desk counting money. Bash took a seat across from him with a sly grin on his face.

“You wanted to shoot her, didn’t you?” Chris asked as he slid the money into the black duffle bag in his lap.

“Just for fun, she’s been snooping around too much lately. I should’ve showed her what she was looking for.” replied Bash.

“You know Rob wouldn’t let you put a scratch on his most prized possession. He’ll just kill her himself.” Said Chris. He continued, “I have a job for you, you down or what?”

“What’s the issue?” Asked Bash.

“I got word Natasha is in town. She’s only here for one reason. We need to get her before she gets to us.” Said Chris.

Bash’s eyes lowered at the thought of Natasha’s name being mentioned. She was a hit man for her father, Al Gunner, and anytime she showed up meant trouble. They had a thing a few years ago that ended badly when she killed his best friend Todd. She knew how close they were, but her father ordered the hit, so she had no choice but to do it, according to her. He once loved her more than anyone else, but that love died when his friend was found dead.

Bash hated Natasha and wanted nothing more than to end her. “Send me the address. She’s as good as dead.” Bash said as he walked over to the gun cabinet to his right. He chose his favorite pistol and tucked it behind his shirt. This was going to be fun for him.

Rob slammed Sasha to the ground as he flipped her over his head. It was clear that neither of them was about to go out without a fight. He jammed the pistol into her chest as he gritted his teeth. “Sasha, I will kill you. Do you understand me? Don’t you ever point a gun at me unless you’re going to use it!” He spat.

Sasha wrapped her legs around his waist and slammed him in the opposite direction. She slapped the gun out of his hand as she wrapped her legs around his throat and squeezed. “Just listen to me first!” She pleaded. “I can explain everything if you just calm down!”

Rob began to cough for air as she loosened her grip around his neck. They began to ease away from each other, keeping their distance, but also attentive to the other’s move. Were they both trained to kill?

Rob stood and grabbed for her hand. If she hadn’t killed him by now, she wasn’t going to. Especially if she was anything like her sister Natasha.

Sasha explained to Rob that she had betrayed her father and that was why she was so afraid of him. Sasha had gotten into a fight with her father one night and slit his cheek open with a blade she kept in a holster after he slapped her. She told him about how she left the family after college, destroying all of her possessions and leaving her dad’s estate in the middle of the night. She didn’t want to be a part of the lifestyle he was forcing her into, so she left in order to live. This upset Al and he put word out to anyone that worked for him to bring her back so he could kill her himself. Sasha never liked being a part of such a corrupt and murderous family. She despised Al for forcing her to become a trained assassin. Although she valued her skills, she would have rather used them for good.

Rob listened in shock as his wife explained herself. How in the world did he happen to cross paths with Al’s daughter of all people? Everyone knew about Natasha, but Sasha was a well kept secret. He always knew there was another daughter, but had no idea what her name was let alone what she looked like.

“Did you know who I was when we first met? Rob asked.

“No, how could I?” She replied. Al ran his organization in the north. He was always working with the Italian mafia and had dealings with Jamaicans and politicians. She had heard of her father taking up new territory in the south, but had no idea who he was working with.

She stood up and paced around the kitchen, putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. She glanced at Rob who was staring at her intensely. “What do we do?” She asked.

Rob stood and began to walk to her when his phone rang. It was Chris calling. Rob answered the phone and put it on speaker.

“Natasha is in town. I’ve sent Bash to handle her.” Chris spoke into the phone.

Rob looked at his wife in shock. What could he do? Natasha was only in town for one reason, and that was to kill. How close was his wife and her sister? Would Sasha try to retaliate?

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