Part 2: Discovery

Sasha awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Rob must be trying to make up for being late last night.

She rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for breakfast. As she brushed her teeth, she suddenly remembered the strange text messages her husband received the night before. She finished brushing her teeth and headed downstairs to greet Rob.

“You decided to come home? Interesting.” Sasha said sarcastically as she sat down at the breakfast table.

Rob placed a plate of food and coffee gently in front of her. This conversation was not about to be good. He sat down quietly next to her and took a sip of coffee. Silence was his only savior in this situation.

They finished breakfast in silence. Sasha began washing dishes when Rob’s phone rang on the counter next to her. She recognized the number from the night before, but pretended as though she knew nothing.

Rob let the phone go to voicemail, then gave her a kiss on the forehead. He headed to his office where he returned the missed call, closing the door behind him.

Sasha tiptoed down the hallway and pressed her ear to the door. She needed to know what secrets her husband was hiding.

Rob spoke into the phone, “I will be there at 6. Don’t call this number again. I will set up other arrangements for contact when I see you.” He hung up the phone and walked to the door, leaving his office.

Sasha heard his footsteps against the hardwood floor of the office and before she knew it, she was pretending to knock on the door. Rob opened the door and found Sasha awkwardly standing in front of him. He wondered if she had heard him on the phone.

“We need to talk.” Sasha said. “Look, whatever it is, can it wait?” Rob asked impatiently. “No it can not wait!” Sasha exclaimed angrily. “What is it?” He asked, walking over to his desk to take a seat. This could take a while, especially if she’s upset.

Sasha took a seat and asked, “Where were you last night? I called your phone 27 times and it went to voice-mail each time. Why didn’t you call me? Who were you with? Don’t tell me it was work. I’m not stupid.”

Rob calmly stated that his phone had died and he had some business to take care of for work that took longer than expected. He told her he was under a lot of pressure with deadlines coming up. Rob worked for an insurance company his dad owned. He was the vice president, so a lot of pressure fell on his shoulders.

Sasha pretended to accept his answer. She knew better, especially after those texts she read the night before and the sneaky phone call in his office. She couldn’t wait for 6:00 so she could finally put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Rob left the house at 5:30 p.m. Sasha had turned on the GPS to his phone so she could easily follow him without losing track. She had left the house at 4:30 to go to the store, but when she got back to her neighboorhood, she parked up the street from her house. It would be easier to follow him if he thought she was already gone.

She watched as his black Tahoe pulled out of the driveway. After starting her car, she slowly began to follow behind him. Her car was also black, a Mercedes, and it was getting dark out so Rob wouldn’t recognize it as her car.

After travelling downtown she approached a hotel she had been to several times before to visit Rob’s family whenever they were in town. They always reserved a suite there. She parked her car and stayed close behind Rob as he entered the hotel. He got into the elevator and she watched as he pressed for the 10th floor.

Something about the floor number suddenly reminded her of the times she had travelled there with Rob to meet his brother Chris, their cousin Sebastian and their wives.

Now she knew what was going on. Someone in the family was in town, but why would Rob keep that as a secret?

Sasha entered the next elevator and got off on the 10th floor. She went to the room number, but needed a way to get into the room. She searched down the hall for a hotel employee. A woman opened a door to one of the rooms and happened to be an employee cleaning for the next guests. Sasha slipped the woman $50 and asked her to open the room she needed.

The woman obliged to her request and quietly let her in. She tiptoed down the hallway of the suite. It was an opulent hotel apartment, but she wasn’t surprised because Rob’s family didn’t mind spending money on their lifestyle.

She heard two men’s voices coming from the office of the apartment. She listened as she recognized Sebastian’s voice through the open door.

“The decision is up to you, Rob, but I think we need to take them out now while we have the chance.” Said Sebastian.

Rob leaned against the desk in front of him as he clasped his hands in front of his mouth. “Look, we already took risks and now we have to deal with a drug war. I told my dad last year that we should just get rid of everything we had and keep the insurance company.”

“You were right. The supply was running low until Chris made a deal with the devil. None of us signed up for this. We know you wanted to get out of the business, but now we need you to step up and get us out of this mess.” Said Sebastian.

Rob thought about what Sebastian was saying. “Alright. I’ll do it. I’m going to talk to my dad. Six months is all I’m promising though, I don’t need this in my life I have a family. Sasha would be devastated if she knew the truth about the family business.”

Sasha stood in the doorway, shocked. She was so shocked that she accidentally knocked over the vase on the table next to her.

Rob ran out of the office with Sebastian not far behind him when he heard something shatter in the apartment. Sebastian had his gun ready for whatever was outside of the office’s door.

Before Sasha could get out of the hotel suite, Rob and Sebastian were standing in front of her. Sebastian had a gun. Would Rob let his cousin shoot her?

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