“I can’t believe I cast my first gris-gris today.” Gabrielle thought to herself as she walked along the Petit Bayou near St. Jean du Vermilionville, Louisiana.

It was dark, foggy night and a full moon shined brightly in the sky, nestled between millions of stars. Gabrielle couldn’t wait until she got home to tell her grandmother about what she had just accomplished. She cast a spell of prosperity for her family. The Broussards were of Creole descent. Some of the first to establish roots in southern Louisiana. …

Sasha stood in shock with the phone held to her ear, silent as she heard her father, Al Gunner speaking to her on the other end of the phone. She could not believe that after all of these years, she was actually speaking to the one man in the world who she hated, her own father. He was an evil, cold, heartless man who would do anything to stay in power. But, what was he doing with Wilson? Did this mean Al Gunner, the king of the east coast, was in the south?

Rob listened as Sasha spoke on the…

Part 7: Deliberation

Natasha walked through the lobby of the hotel. She wanted to get back to her room as soon as possible. If she was going to kill her sister, she would need to hurry and figure out her next moves. Killing her sister would be no easy task because, if she knew Sasha as well as she thought she did, then she knew that Sasha found the coin and is preparing for war.

As Natasha approached the elevator she thought about Bash’s hands on her shoulders, and how much she missed him. Ever since she killed his best…

Part 6: Warfare

Sasha stood in the corner, eyes wide, as she felt her heart drop. The buffalo coin was a symbol of death her sister, Natasha, would send to her targets. Sasha stared at the coin as a memory from her childhood flooded her thoughts.

Sasha was seven-years- old the first time she ever saw her father and kingpin, Al Gunner, get shot at. She and Natasha were a few feet in front of their father, twirling each other around at the park over and over until whichever one of them became the most dizzy. Natasha fell first and…

Part 5: Natasha

Natasha sashayed through the lobby of the hotel she had just checked into. It was the same hotel she knew the León family frequented when they gathered. She wanted to keep her enemies as close as possible.

All eyes were on her and she smirked as she approached the bar. The bartender quickly noticed her and asked her what drink she requested. Natasha ordered here drink when a hand fell on her shoulder. The touch was light and she could not make out who was behind her, but something felt familiar. She tilted her head upward and…

Part 4: Dissension

Sasha and Rob sat across from each other, guns cocked, wondering who would pull the trigger first. Sasha could have gazed into Rob’s soul as hard as he was looking at her with his wide, brown eyes. After about three minutes of an intense stare down, she was the first to lower her weapon.

“Shoot me if you have to.” She said.

Rob pressed the gun further into her forehead. It felt like the weight of a brick pressing against her face. She was scared. …

Part 3: Break

Sasha sat on the floor shocked to see a gun pointing directly at her forehead. Sebastian was holding the gun so close to her face that fear washed over her like an ocean wave. She could see her husband, Rob, standing next to his cousin in shock to see her on the floor.

Sebastian asked her, “Do you want to die today, Sasha?”

Sasha stared at her husband in disbelief as she contemplated what to do next. She said nothing as the gun inched closer to her forehead. She squeezed her eyes shut, terrified to accept what…

Part 2: Discovery

Sasha awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Rob must be trying to make up for being late last night.

She rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for breakfast. As she brushed her teeth, she suddenly remembered the strange text messages her husband received the night before. She finished brushing her teeth and headed downstairs to greet Rob.

“You decided to come home? Interesting.” Sasha said sarcastically as she sat down at the breakfast table.

Rob placed a plate of food and coffee gently in front of…

Part 1: Intuition

“It’s 12 a.m. and he’s still not home.” Sasha thought to herself as she turned over in the bed, looking at the clock on the nightstand.

“Maybe I missed a call, or text.” She said to herself. Sasha picked up the phone laying next to her, checking it for what felt like the hundredth time. She scrolled through text messages and her call log, hoping she had a missed notification. There was nothing.

Her husband, Rob, always called her if he knew he was going to be home late. It was unlike him to go unheard of…

Scharis Weary

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