The news cycle—and recycle.

Social networks are ready to enjoy old Brazil related news. Specially if it comes with a seal of past approval from… social networks.

In October 5, 2013 CNN placed Hong Kong in Brazil on a map:

The epic fail was a feast for the social networks, making rounds and rounds of shares and retweets, as this one, among the very early ones mocking CNN:

Snowballing wasn’t far ahead, and got the push from this @Amazing_Maps tweet the next day:

BuzzFeed picks it up two days later, on October 7:

After the peak, decay came slowly through the end of 2013. Until the almost year-old picture unexpectedly got a renewed life-cycle after this @DavidKenner tweet from August 7, 2014.

Drudge picks up the next day and the snowball was ready to reach everyone once again, now in 2014.

So, wait for 2015 and share it again. It should make rounds!

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