“It’s a little harder turkey hunting at 38 weeks of gestation.” — Becky Magdzas

Sam Cook’s first article about a 38 week pregnant women turkey hunting was definitely memorable, for me, due to multiple reasons. For starters, most women who are due to have a cesarean section in a week are not often found hunting for wild turkeys.

Second, I really enjoyed Cook’s details and humor that he managed to incorporate throughout the article. During the portion of the article when he said: “ The only question, really, was whether he or she would emerge wearing camouflage or not,” evoked distinct imagery and it was also quite funny.

It is easy to tell that John McPhee inspires Cook’s writing style, because they both show readers what is going on around them instead of telling readers. Also, both McPhee and Cook put extensive details about the scenery around them in their articles. Below I have added a quote from one Cook’s articles and also one from McPhee’s article; in both of these quotes, it is noticeable that Cook uses McPhee’s style of writing as inspiration as I stated previously.

“Now Magdzas was easing herself into shooting position beneath a pine. Gucinski was set up a few yards behind her under another pine, with Easton scrunched between his legs”. -Cook

“Once in a while, a big trunk will nosedive and stick like a javelin into the bed of the river. Then a following ice floe snaps it half with the sound of a battleship gun”. -McPhee

Overall, I am very eager to meet Sam Cook and inquire more about his writing and some of the things that make him exceptionally motivated while writing articles. I would also like to ask him what about the outdoors inspires him the most. Lastly, what is his biggest tips for young journalists?