The Internet Is Eating Walmart Alive

A Few Charts To Show You How That Looks

The first thing you have to do is look at a chart of Walmart’s stock price. The following chart shows how Walmart has traded over the last. It’s not pretty.

Chart by Vconomics:

When stocks as big as Walmart drop this hard, it’s time to take notice. Walmart’s stock price is down 32% year-to-date. If you translate that into market cap, you will see utter destruction in value.

Chart by the author:

Yes, Walmart’s market cap has shrunk by $100 billion since 2015 started. $100 billion. But why? The next two things will highlight a really important development that Walmart has been unable to grasp.

Chart by Ryan Detrick:

Trends can be incredibly powerful when they take-off. In some cases, you might think the E-Commerce trend is only just getting started. Companies like Amazon are eating Walmart’s lunch. Wait, that could be interesting – Amazon’s stock price vs. Walmart’s stock price.

Chart by JackDamn:

Watching how this unfolds over the next year will be fascinating. At the center of the conversation is the Internet. Can Walmart grasp E-commerce? Or Mobile? Or something like same-day shipping? We’ll soon find out. And maybe more importantly, we’ll see how patient Wall Street is.