Wait, Is This The Hunger Games? Signs Of A Government Getting Weird

There are certain things that catch your eye.

Whether it’s a forewarning or a glimpse of something great. The important part here is to catch it BEFORE it happens. In this case, there’s something brewing around our lovely Washington D.C.. For good or for bad it’s a stat you cannot ignore:

In other words — name that movie:


Seriously. Things are getting pretty strange when 7 of your 10 richest counties all surround your Capitol (I mean capital) city.

These are the people entirely funded or persuaded, in one form or another, by tax dollars. In other words, the entrepreneurs, businesses, people, companies, sports, and everything else around this beautiful country are paying taxes in such a way that the Washington D.C. area has slowly become one of the richest places on Earth.

It makes you think. Even about such polarizing subjects like: tax the richest 1%! Remember that argument? Well, wait. Where do you think those taxes are going to end up…

This is a picture being painted as you read — there is still time. But the trend is appearing and the layers of paint are getting thick.

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