The Lesson I Learned Following Politics and Stocks at the Same Time

I’ve never seen anything like this.

Take a second to think about all the political headlines you’ve heard or read over the last few months.

Maybe you’ve seen a few things about Russia.

Maybe you’ve seen a few things about Mexico.

Maybe you’ve seen a few things about North Korea, South Korea, and the European Union.

So have I.

But I have also been watching these headlines play out in financial markets and I am confused. I really think what you’re about to see is jaw-dropping. Especially if you have no financial market experience but you spend time each day reading and watching the news.

Mexico vs. Russia

This is the chart that did it for me. It bounced across my screen the other day. I’ve looked at it several times since. For all the things they’re saying about Russia being connected to the current US Presidential administration and Mexico being in the dog house — let’s read this together:

Note: country ETFs like $EWW and $RSX (on the chart above) are also impacted by currency fluctuations

North Korea vs. South Korea

Kim Jong Un must sell like Vladimir Putin. So many clicks. So many great visuals. If I worked in media right now and I needed viewership, Putin and Un are like the Super Bowl for eyeballs. And we get to report on this game Every. Single. Day. How are markets in North Korea’s number 1 enemy responding? All-time highs with a side of breakout:

The End of the EU

Brexit was just the beginning, the European Union barely made it through with the French elections, and Greece is still a mess. What country is going to leave the EU next? Are we living in the WWE now? I stumbled across this Tweet not long ago and knew I had to start writing:

And here’s another:

And here’s the FTSE, which is the primary stock market index in the Britain and the same one Brexit was supposed totally obliterate:

What I Think I’ve Learned

Hopefully you actually did not stop reading. Hopefully you made it this far because I think there’s a great lesson here. It really boils down to one question:

Are you going to read what they say or watch what they do?