What Patience Looks Like in the Stock Market

You’ve probably heard someone say it before. Or a variation of it. Or maybe you’ve thought of it yourself:

“If I owned Apple since its IPO, I could have turned like $5,000 into over $1,000,000!”

Apple went from trading at 50 cents per share (split-adjusted) back in 1981 to over $112 per share today. That’s a percent change of over 22,000%. For those who held its stock for that long — congrats. But not because you probabaly made a ton of money, but because of the amount of patience and trust in the company you maintained.

For 24 years Apple’s stock price bounced around in the green box shown on the chart above. Take a second to reflect on all the things that happened during those 24 years. From economic crises, to Steve Jobs getting fired in 1985, then rehired in 1997, and even the start and end of the notorious Dot Com Bubble.

Could you have held through all of that?

The really remarkable thing about Apple and its stock price isn’t how much wealth it created. Instead, it’s how much patience and trust investors needed to maintain despite any volatility. The green box is what real patience looks like in the stock market.

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