How I joined the eSports community

One kill left, the controller gripped tight in your hands, enemy is in sight, heart pounds, and then…VICTORY! You go crazy with happiness while the mountain of stress is lifted off your shoulders and your teammates are hugging each other in disbelief. Lights dance all around you, cameras flash, crowd roars, the trophy is in your hands, your dreams have come true. eSports in the simplest terms is competitive video gaming. Similar to sports like football, hockey, etc. eSports requires teamwork, coordination, dedication, and lots and lots of practice. There’s organizations, rivalries, drama, celebrities, sponsorships, contracts, live events, player trading, fantasy leagues, the list goes on. The eSports community varies in all ages but most competitors are in the age range from 14–30 years old. Most professionals are younger due to better hand eye coordination and reaction time as it deteriorates when you get older.

When eSports was young going to competitive tournaments and winning large sums of money was how a pro player earned a living. If they weren’t consistently winning at tournaments there’s no way they could support themselves financially and were forced to pick up side jobs so they could make enough money to get to these competitive events. Now, with live streaming and YouTube available these competitive players can give their fans a glimpse into their own lives or entertain people while earning money. As YouTube and live streaming platforms like Twitch have grown more organizations that have competitive teams have been focusing more on entertainment through those platforms to make money via donations, subscriptions, and large viewerships. Of course with more people now watching pro players share their life, bigger sponsors and brands are stepping in to the scene such as Pepsi, Coke, RedBull, Geico, etc. The once small competitive gaming events have now turned into massive crowds filling stadiums.

Oh right, my part. My interest in competitive video games started 7 years ago when Halo: Reach released and I decided to take my love for the Halo franchise to the next level by joining a competitive clan. Daily practices, organizing strategies, and creating lesson plans. It was really odd at first but it was a community full of people all passionate about the same game and never before had I met so many people so deeply connected to a video game. It wasn’t until 2014 when I decided to get more involved in the eSports scene and I set out on social media looking to join an organization as a Graphic Designer. In the 3 years I’ve been in the eSports scene I’ve been in many organizations such as eXcess, InControl, Cutlass, Interstellar, etc. making anything and everything that is needed by the organization at any time.

As of now I design for Cutlass Gaming and PWND. Cutlass is a gaming organization that competes in Smash Bros. and has a team of live streamers that stream via Twitch and Stream Me. For a gaming organization like Cutlass I design social media graphics which include advertisements and Twitter Headers to make the members look professional on social media when they are representing the organization. I also design live streaming graphics which include Overlays, Profile Banners, Panels, etc. these graphics are designed to help the live streamers interact with their audience and look good while they are entertaining the viewers. It’s a lot of work and definitely keeps me busy. Last but not least I also design for PWND which is an energy supplement company that focuses on giving gamers a boost of energy to help them focus and make quick decisions. I love working with the company they allow me to be creative with my work and showcase my talents.

What’s the future hold in store for me? I’m not sure. I love the eSports community and will continue to design for gaming organizations/companies involved in the eSports scene. In the future I would love to end up with a full time position as a graphic designer for a gaming organization or company. Outside of gaming one of my personal goals is to create a website to showcase my work and also sell some artwork. I’m excited to see where this year will take my design career but I’m sure it will be an exciting year.

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